3 yr old birthday parties!

7 Mar


Keely’s birthday is in a month & I’ve started the planning. I’m super excited about it. We are really going all out this year. We’re throwing a “Tinkerbell” party & the ideas in my noodle are flowing faster than my pen can keep up with. It’s going to be an all girls party which just sounds fun if you ask me! I’m dressing Punky up like Tinkerbell & we’re passing out fairy wings to all of the little girls. I’m still trying to find something to use as “pixie dust”. Last night I went & bought little fairies to hang from the ceiling…. & I’m just getting started people! I’m even making her cake :/ start praying for me now.

If anyone has any good ideas please let me know!



One Response to “3 yr old birthday parties!”

  1. jennifertobler March 8, 2008 at 3:33 am #

    Glitter is always a good choice for Pixie Dust … BUT it takes forever and i mean forever to get it out of your hair. One year for Halloween I dressed up as a fairy, and it was literally weeks before all the glitter got out of my hair. Just a warning. They have some clear glittery confetti at party stores that might work. The pieces aren’t that small, but the effect may be the same. I can’t wait to plan cute parties for Charlotte!

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